Donna is a visual and community engaged artist living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. She holds a Master of Fine Art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has continued her education by taking ecopsychology and ecoliteracy courses.

Photography, sculpture, and dance are utilized as she collaborates with the energies of place. By working with her body movements and the elements of nature Donna facilitates an opening for an exchange of energy and non- verbal dialogues to take place between herself and the larger world. The choreographed photographs document a sliver of time of a much larger process.

Most recently Donna is working deeply with Fire, and has extended her practice to incorporate painting and drawing. She uses the charcoal from the flames she initiates on the land she lives on to draw with, and lets the burning wood scorch and burn the paper on which she and Fire make marks. The photographs and drawings from this new series are collaborations with Fire and reflect a deeper ecology of mind.